Modular solid carbide end mill 01/11/2010
Even more flexibility for changeable head system with ConeFit™ contact
Tübingen, January 2010 - The range of modular solid carbide end mills with ConeFit™ contact has not been on the market for long and Walter is already expanding the range. Flexibility is increasing, the range of user groups for the end mill system is expanding.

The demand for ever larger solid carbide milling tools is increasing. From a certain size solid carbide end mills are very costly. A modular system offers economical alternatives. Important decision criteria for the machinist are stability and the number of possible applications. The ConeFit™contact is currently the most stable connection of its type on the market. Walter is aiming for the maximum possible number of applications: the Tubingen tool specialist is expanding the ConeFit™ series with changeable heads with 25mm diameter (previously maximum 20mm). In parallel, milling heads and shanks in imperial sizes are being added to the programme, particularly interesting for users with clients overseas.

A further highlight of the system is the new shanks made of solid carbide. Solid carbide shanks increase the stability and reduce vibrations. Even higher cutting data can be used. Depending on the application, the user can use a low-cost steel shank or a high-performance version made of solid carbide. The solid carbide shanks are also available in mm and inch sizes.
Walter solid carbide changeable milling head with ConeFit™ contact Caption: Walter is following the solid carbide trend: for the modular ConeFit™ milling cutter system, changeable heads up to 25mm diameter are available with immediate effect, as are solid carbide shank variants.

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